Property issues

Proper foundations

Nothing appears as solid as a property, but there is almost nothing as legally precarious. This is often associated with the frequently complicated facts of the matter – compounded by human weaknesses as well. Good contracts are the most reliable means of satisfying the needs of architects and house owners, investors and the trades, tenants and landlords. And in the case of poor contracts, good handling of legal proceedings can help you satisfy your legal rights.

Legal specialisations

Legal specialisations

Firm foundations

Building law and architects law are complex: complicated technical issues, multi-layered relationships between the persons involved, numerous laws, which are constantly being amended. Those that know their way around can actively maintain their position in the long term.

We advise property developers, clients, investors, construction and building trades businesses – solid construction contracts are a vital foundation in this business. We represent the rights of architects and engineers when it comes to liability and fees.

Rights, obligations, agreements

We represent companies as landlords, tenants, and as the owners of properties. The prompt examination, elaboration and negotiation of contracts are also all undertaken here in pursuit of an important objective: avoiding disputes and establishing legal security for the future.

We are at your side even when the path becomes uneven.

  • Overheads bills and rent deposits
  • Rent increases/rent decreases
  • Evictions
  • Terminations
  • Defects and repairs
  • Brokerage law

Justified representation

We comprehensively represent your interests in those cases when disputes cannot be avoided.

  • In civil courts
  • In labour courts
  • In financial courts
  • All district, regional and higher regional courts

We represent you competently, with experience, and with the highest level of commitment.

Neutral and precise

Notaries are always involved when dealing with company law, property transactions, company successions, and inheritance law. Our job here is to record the will of the client in certified documents. This is preceded by consultation, support and comprehensive advice. We are a service provider: we are committed to providing assistance to ensure that your will is precisely formulated, that the legal relationships are positively laid out, and that transactions are implemented smoothly.