Lawyers, specialist lawyers, notaries. Our firm of lawyers provides you with a powerful mix of expertise and experience. It ensures that we dispense with rigid rules and have a healthy mistrust of routine solutions: what appears to be unchangeable can often be amended.

You can expect real advice from us. And solutions which are strictly oriented to one thing: their practical suitability.



Economic efficiency is the goal

We don’t measure success in the number of court cases won, but in the economic benefits that we achieve for our clients. We are your legal advisors – with an understanding for the needs of business.

Our joint success is based on personal and trustworthy co-operation. This is a very important aspect for us. We are happy to do analysis in depth to understand complex issues, to provide support in the construction of your business relationships, and accompany you in pursuing your corporate objectives.

If the results cannot be achieved by any other route, you can also trust in our experience when it comes to legal proceedings. But it is much more common for us to find more amenable solutions - for your benefit.


We are at home here

Our domestic clients are frequently clients from the region. Many of our lawyers have worked for many years for businesses in Niedersachsen. They provide advice for start-ups and growth, for company acquisitions and mergers, during restructuring, or setting up the terms for corporate successions.

Relationships have grown and helped establish a very profound and precise understanding of regional industry. Networks are in place – and they are also interesting for our clients in Niedersachsen.


Beyond borders

In a globalised world, international projects are becoming increasingly important. Also for our clients.

We advise foreign companies on transactions taking place in the German market. We assist German clients in their activities abroad – on a project basis, or as reliable partners over longer periods of time.

An important factor for our success: we do not work alone when we engage in activities outside the country. We are assisted by our network of lawyers in Europe, Asia and America. Whatever the specifics of each case.