During restructuring

A different way? New? Good!

Technical innovations, political changes, financial shortcomings, realigned markets – it is now also time for a company to change. And sometimes this change has to be very comprehensive. Employees and management, financial and tangible assets are all affected in the same way. Insolvency may be the right course of action. Perhaps you want to have a dispute, reach a settlement. Maybe you decide that restructuring is also required to make your company fit today to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s markets. Whatever the situation, we are happy to be your guide.

Legal specialisations

Legal specialisations

Creating clear relationships

We advise our clients – managers, German and international companies – on all aspects of labour law: we elaborate and negotiate employment and cancellation contracts, and provide advice on the content of variable remuneration systems, we have expertise on every aspect of works constitution law, co-determination and conflict management.

Our advice can be particularly valuable during reorganisation measures. What is the optimum way to realise human resource downsizing and transfers of operations? Also within the context of reorganisation operations from an insolvency? We assist you during the planning phase, during negotiations with the works council, e.g. on social compensation plans and the reconciliation of interests, and the implementation of projects.

Rights for money

Our most important clients in this field are banking and financial institutes, who we represent in and outside of the courts. We assert their justified claims, and protect them from unjustified claims – always working together with them very closely and in agreement. The objectives are economic-efficiency, practise-oriented solutions and procedural streamlining.

Healthy experience

Insolvency is sometimes unavoidable. The aim then is to minimise the damage to all those involved as far as possible. Experience is invaluable here: and this is something we have accumulated during our many years of work as an insolvency administrator. We act as consultants during M&A transactions, elaborate insolvency plans, execute offsetting and liability demands, or protect our clients from them.

We work together with banks and creditors, and experience has taught us: crises do not have to turn into catastrophes if you have competence and goodwill at your side.

Sense of community

Corporate mergers and company sales – we are part of the team here: the executive board, the management, external advisors where required, and the lawyers of Brinkmann.Weinkauf jointly elaborate structures and strategies. Also and particularly in special cases: when purchasing or selling against the background of restructuring or insolvency.

Other stops along the way could include: strategic planning, contract negotiation, post-merger integration. These complex processes require solutions to numerous issues – we have the experts required within our firm.

Justified representation

We comprehensively represent your interests in those cases when disputes cannot be avoided.

  • In civil courts
  • In labour courts
  • In financial courts
  • All district, regional and higher regional courts

We represent you competently, with experience, and with the highest level of commitment.

Company therapy

The best insolvency is the one that never occurs. We therefore do all in our power to avoid insolvencies wherever possible. We elaborate independent restructuring evaluations, we work together with accountants, auditors, sector experts, and negotiate with banks and creditors – with one overriding objective: getting your company back on a healthy footing.

Neutral and precise

Notaries are always involved when dealing with company law, property transactions, company successions, and inheritance law. Our job here is to record the will of the client in certified documents. This is preceded by consultation, support and comprehensive advice. We are a service provider: we are committed to providing assistance to ensure that your will is precisely formulated, that the legal relationships are positively laid out, and that transactions are implemented smoothly.