On the subject of succession

When good follows

The most important thing when it comes to succession is to ensure that it is properly regulated. This applies to family businesses, especially when the main priority is continuance and establishing the set-up for the future. We plan together with you, we make the arrangements to suit your requirements, and we officially document all of the criteria. We also represent you during legal proceedings. At home and abroad.

Legal specialisations

Legal specialisations

For tomorrow

The future of a company needs to be well prepared. We work together with you to consider and elaborate the personal and economic aspects, the legal and tax issues.

We also provide you with advice on wealth succession for your private assets, for successor planning, and the formulation of inheritance contracts and wills.

Corporate, private – our objective is always to achieve the best possible result. For today and for tomorrow. Well thought out hereditary succession regulations undertaken well in advance can optimise the tax burden. Intelligent contracts arranged today can avoid conflicts at a future date.

Justified representation

We comprehensively represent your interests in those cases when disputes cannot be avoided.

  • In civil courts
  • In labour courts
  • In financial courts
  • All district, regional and higher regional courts

We represent you competently, with experience, and with the highest level of commitment.

Neutral and precise

Notaries are always involved when dealing with company law, property transactions, company successions, and inheritance law. Our job here is to record the will of the client in certified documents. This is preceded by consultation, support and comprehensive advice. We are a service provider: we are committed to providing assistance to ensure that your will is precisely formulated, that the legal relationships are positively laid out, and that transactions are implemented smoothly.