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Contracts mean the same as agreements, and reaching a proper agreement on something is nowhere as important as in labour law. Suitable contracts influence business environments as well as productivity. That is why we do our work before you have to do yours: clarifying the situations and expectations, preparing and formulating contracts. The best dispute is the one that never takes place.

Legal specialisations

Legal specialisations

Creating clear relationships

We advise our clients – managers, German and international companies – on all aspects of labour law: we elaborate and negotiate employment and cancellation contracts, and provide advice on the content of variable remuneration systems, we have expertise on every aspect of works constitution law, co-determination and conflict management.

Our advice can be particularly valuable during reorganisation measures. What is the optimum way to realise human resource downsizing and transfers of operations? Also within the context of reorganisation operations from an insolvency? We assist you during the planning phase, during negotiations with the works council, e.g. on social compensation plans and the reconciliation of interests, and the implementation of projects. 

Justified representation

We comprehensively represent your interests in those cases when disputes cannot be avoided.

  • In civil courts
  • In labour courts
  • In financial courts
  • All district, regional and higher regional courts

We represent you competently, with experience, and with the highest level of commitment.